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Hello! We're Sandra Falcon and Pamela Lozoya, co-founders of Luna Antigua. We met in Chicago in the early 90's as kids so friendship was nothing new to us. We consider ourselves beyond lucky to still have each other through this wonderful journey of life and motherhood. We often joked about how our real job titles were stylists to our adventurous children! The task was finding beautiful and durable clothing. Through Luna Antigua, we now have the pleasure to share beautiful garments and our culture. The artisanal clothing and accessories found in our shop have been carefully curated and imported from Guatemala. Each item is just as unique as the artisan that crafted it. The intricate designs carry a beautiful story as every small town in Guatemala prides themselves in creating their own unique style. Some of the fabric found in our shop can take 8 hours to loom just one yard!

The meaning behind Luna Antigua is dear to us. When searching for the perfect name for our artisan shop the word Luna, meaning Moon in Spanish, stood out to us. At the time, we felt like it was a connection to our culture and our ancestors. The moon - a constant link from the past to the present. Luna confirmed when we discovered that in Maya legends the Moon Goddess - Ix Chel is credited as the first backstrap weaver! Antigua means "ancient" and pays homage to one of our favorite cities in Guatemala and to the ancient tradition of looming which has been part of their history for over 1,200 years! 

The heart of Luna Antigua is built around economic fair trade, providing and empowering families to make a living. We hope that you and your little ones will wear Luna Antigua with pride, knowing that you are part of a positive movement and are helping keep this art form alive. 

Sizing + Care

Sizing Conversion 

Women's Items

All of our women's items feature a loose and flowy fit. Please refer to the specific item for length and dimensions. Visit our Style Guide to see how our tops look on different body shapes! 

If you have any questions on sizing we are more than happy to help! Send us an email to Hello@lunaantigua.com with the item name or SKU #!

Girls Sizing 

The measurements below are meant to be used as a guideline and not an absolute.  Of course, the size chart does not account for the build of your child or your personal preferences. For example, one person might like their dress longer on their daughter, while another prefers a vintage shorter length. 

Arcoiris Dress Size  |  Recommended US Size  | Length





Women's Tops and Tunics

Girls Dresses

 Following these tips will keep the colors rich and ready for days of play! 

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